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What is Wedding Feng Shui?

Wedding Feng Shui involves applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui to various aspects of your wedding. This may sound contradictory for some people, many modern couples feel that selecting an auspicious day to get married is too much of a hassle and choose to dismiss the idea as an unnecessary tradition. If we examine Feng Shui ideology and follow the theories of the ancient art, Feng Shui should only be applied to places and spaces where we spend large amounts of time such as your home, office or business. Based on the latter, it is evident that a church, temple or chapel rented for a few hours has energies however, guests are not in the structure for long periods of time and therefore not affected by those energies.

To achieve a good understanding of wedding Feng Shui, we need to move away from the concept that Feng Shui can only be applied to a seating space. The belief in Traditional Feng Shui is that we can choose a favorable day and year for a wedding, which contains a good amount of Chi or energy, based on a good match for either the bride or groom's animal sign. Traditionally we would look at the zodiac animal sign of the groom however, in today's modern lifestyle, we follow the zodiac animal sign by selecting the major breadwinner.

A wedding is a very important moment in the life of two people who are transferring love energies to each other. Wedding Feng Shui is about setting the energy in place when you acknowledge your vows. Feng Shui can be used to help create love, happiness and prosperity. Your wedding day is the foundation for creating your future together.

Incorporating the traditional art of Feng Shui into your wedding day is making one of the most important decisions as part of an intelligent lifestyle that will help to unify a strong and perpetual committment to each other.

Regardless of the décor or theme, Original Feng Shui can incorporate the ancient art in your wedding without leaving any traces of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui wedding includes:

• Most favorable day and time for your wedding ceremony.
• Auspicious selection of Church or Temple direction.
• Best flow of Chi to influence the site of the church and the reception.
• Best direction for reception and head table.

• Floral arrangements, types and colors for the bride bouquet, bridesmaid, church and reception   tables.
• Suggestions for honeymoon.


Receive a 20% discount for your first home Feng Shui consultation, including best day and hours for the official move to ensure that the couple begins their life together in the best possible way.

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